Capital City Youth Services (CCYS) offers several different categories of services. CCYS will not deny services to individuals based solely on race, color, ethnicity, religious/spiritual affiliation, gender, sexual orientation, disability, national origin and/or other categories protected by law.

Stop Now and Plan Program

SNAP is an evidence based program that addresses specific behavioral issues, and teaches effective emotional regulation, self-control and problem-solving skills for youth ages 6-11

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Someplace Else Crisis Shelter

The area’s only youth shelter, providing 18 beds for youth who are runaway, ungovernable, truant, homeless or in other crisis situations, ages 10-17

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Family Place Counseling

The non-residential counseling program, offering services to families with at-risk children to keep crises from becoming catastrophes, ages 6-17

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Transitional Living Program

The area’s only transitional living program, serving older homeless or at-risk youth who need help transitioning into adulthood, ages 16-21

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Going Places Street Outreach

The street outreach program focused on identifying and providing services to runaway, homeless, or exploited youth up to age 21

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National Safe Place

An outreach program partnering with local businesses to help get kids off the street and to safety

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