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Michael first arrived at CCYS as a nine-year-old boy in need of counseling services. His mother explained he was getting into trouble for “talking back” at school and wanted to keep him on track. This would not be the first time Michael’s outgoing nature would get him into trouble. Over the years, Michael returned for counseling several times, working on issues ranging from anger management, healthy communication, conflict resolution, and making healthy decisions. Even at a young age, counselors noted that his playful, joking manner was a great strength that increased his resiliency. Michael developed his coping skills and learned different relaxation techniques to help him manage his emotions.
Michael’s quick wit, sharp tongue, and difficulty controlling his impulses continued to get him into trouble during his teenage years, both at school and at home. Michael had his first shelter stay at Someplace Else in 2010. He became involved in the …


This program is helpful and much needed in our community. Thanks for prompt attention! Much satisfied with services. – Parent, Anonymous Survey

He acknowledged that he has “wasted time being angry” and that he wanted to “let go” of the past…Since turning 18, Michael has gained additional part time employment. He has been saving money for school and housing, and moved in to his own apartment in October 2013. CCYS supported Michael in providing him with items for his new home. – CCYS Annual Report 2013