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Transitional Living Program

Transitional Living Program

Serves Homeless or At-Risk Youth

Ages 16 – 21

Transitional Living Program

The Transitional Living Program offers older adolescents the opportunity to live in an encouraging, supportive environment while they work toward their academic goals, achieve employment, develop their independent life skills, and cultivate healthy relationships with caring adults.

Our program consists of:

  •  Developing an Individual Service Plan (ISP) for each resident.
  • Instruction and encouragement with setting goals & developing strategies for personal growth.
  • A semi-structured environment that offers guidance and support while encouraging progress towards successful independent living.
  • Referrals for external services when appropriate (e.g. medical/dental care, legal help, intensive therapy services).

Our program serves:

  • Very low, low and moderate-income youth and families who have no other access to services
  • Runaway youth
  • Homeless youth
  • Youth with no parental/guardian support
As there are no financial or insurance prerequisites to receiving services, all services are free to eligible youth. The program works with youth and families in Leon, Gadsden, Wakulla, Taylor, Madison, Franklin, Liberty, and Jefferson counties. Additionally, this program will provide long-term, co-ed residential services to at least 6 youth annually.