2407 Roberts Ave Tallahassee, FL 32310 24-Hour Hotline: 850-576-6000

National Safe Place

Partner Outreach Program

Serves Homeless or At-Risk Youth

All Ages

National Safe Place

Partnering with local businesses to help get kids off the street and to safety

Text the word “SAFE” along with your location to 69866 for immediate assistance

24/7 Crisis Contact: 850-576-6000 Ext. 1

Where Kids Get Help Fast

Safe Place is an outreach, education, and runaway prevention program that provides immediate help for youth in crisis. Youth may end up on the street for a variety of reasons – running away from home, at-risk of abuse or neglect, in need of respite from a volatile home situation, or maybe they went out with friends who were drinking and need a safe way home. Whatever the reason, youth can request help from any business displaying the black and yellow Safe Place sign.

How it Works:

  • Look for a business displaying the yellow and black Safe Place sign.
  • Ask an employee to provide assistance for safety.
  • The employee will contact CCYS, and a staff member will pick you up and transport you to our shelter.
  • Services available 24/7.
Established in Louisville, Kentucky in 1983, Safe Place is a national program and has sites in 41 states. CCYS operates the Safe Place program in the North Florida Big Bend.

For more information about the local program, including how to become a Safe Place site, contact Bintu@ccys.org.