What is our goal in the long run?

Primary goals of the agency include family preservation, homelessness prevention, delinquency prevention, and dependency prevention. CCYS works to alleviate the immediate problems of youth during runaway or other crisis situations.
The core of what we do is prevention and to promote the healthy development of youth and families. We do this by offering a continuum of care to our clients, not just a quick fix, and we strive to provide youth and families with options to best suit their needs. This would not be possible without our dedicated team of leaders.

"The core of what we do is prevention and to promote the healthy development of youth and families."

<span>Kevin </span>Priest

Kevin Priest

President & CEO
<span>Gina </span>Dozier

Gina Dozier

Chief Operating Officer
<span>Nancy </span>Hillger

Nancy Hillger

Chief Financial Officer
<span>Jess</span> Tharpe

Jess Tharpe

Development Director
<span>Jason </span>Ishley

Jason Ishley

Clinical Director-Non-Residential
<span>Rachel </span> Greene

Rachel Greene

Clinical Director-Residential
<span>PJ </span>Minzie

PJ Minzie

Someplace Else Program Manager
<span>Logan </span>Farrelly

Logan Farrelly

Transitional Living Program Manager
<span>Bintu </span> Njie

Bintu Njie

Community Outreach Coordinator
<span>Crystal</span> Griffin

Crystal Griffin

Human Resources Officer
<span>Rhone </span> Francis

Rhone Francis

Stop Now and Plan (SNAP) Coordinator
Without the dedication and hard work of our staff and Board of Directors, CCYS would not be able to offer the level of services we do to youth and families in need. Our Board of Directors is comprised of volunteers from the community who are responsible for establishing policies, determining programs, guiding development, and providing leadership.

Executive Committee:

Name Employer Member Status
Micah Widen  Domi Ventures Chairperson
Elaine Bryant  EW Bryant & Associates Immediate Past Chair
Dr. Steve Mills  FSU Center for Leadership and Social Change Vice Chair
Kristina Tutton  Altura Global Solutions Treasurer

Board Members

Name Employer Member Status
Allie Vanlandingham Treehouse Representative Since 2015
Barbara Wescott Point Catcher Since 2015
Gary Calixte Men's Warehouse Since 2014
Jason Wildenstein ABC WTXL 27 Since 2014
Larry Folsom Leon County Sheriff’s Office Since 2014
Letitia Brown Browns Consult, LLC Since 2015
Mary Linzee Branham Baker Donelson Since 2014
Matt Sirmans Florida Housing Finance Corporation Since 2014
Pamela Ligon Job Corps Since 2015
Ramon Aleman Unhoused Humanity Since 2015
Ray Garcia Tallahassee Police Department, SHOCAP Since 2014
Rick Shapley Cade & Associates Since 2013
Rocky Hanna Leon County Schools Since 2013
Ryan Smith Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Since 2015
Scott Harrell HomeInstead Since 2014

Honorary Members:

  • Clara Floyd-Gaymon
  • Jim Rudnick
  • Lynda Russell
  • Nancy Wonder, PhD
  • Steve Inger, PhD
  • John Kurowski
  • Alvin Anderson
    If you have an interest in helping us out by sharing ideas or advising, please contact us.

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