CCYS provides free services to Youth and Parents who need help. CCYS provides services through our programs to the following groups of youth and families:
  • Runaway and homeless youth that are scared, hungry, tired, and want to get off the streets
  • Children and young adults (ages 10-17) who may be physically or emotionally abused or neglected and need a safe place to go
  • Youth that are in emotional crisis and feel they cannot resolve problems with their parent(s) while living at home
  • Youth with problems that keep them from attending school (truant)
  • Youth and families who want help improving communication

CCYS offers three different categories of services:
  • Someplace Else programs provide shelter for Youths ages 10-17
  • Family Place programs provide counseling for youths, adults, and families
  • Safe Place programs provide outreach, education, and runaway prevention, as well as immediate help for youth in crisis