2407 Roberts Ave Tallahassee, FL 32310 24-Hour Hotline: 850-576-6000



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2407 Roberts Ave Tallahassee, FL 32310
(O) 850-576-6000
(F) 850-576-2580

24-7 Hotline: To request immediate services, please call 850-576-6000, ext. 1. Staff Contact Information

Name Position Phone Ext. #
Kevin Priest CEO-President 311
Gina Dozier Chief Operating Officer 306
Nancy Hillger Chief Financial Officer 312
Jess Tharpe Outreach & Development Director 328
Crystal Griffin Human Resources Coordinator 308
Jason Ishley Clinical Director of Non-Residential Services 309
Rachel Greene Clinical Director of Residential Services 318
PJ Minzie Shelter Program Manager 305
Logan Farrelly Transitional Living Program Manager 326
Rhone Francis SNAP Coordinator
Bintu Nijie Community Outreach Coordinator 301