Someplace Else Crisis Shelter

The Someplace Else youth shelter is a short-term residential program providing a safe, short term, open and homelike environment for youth (10-17), and is fully licensed under state and local regulations.

  • 24 hour awake supervision by qualified and caring staff
  • Counseling for youth and their family
  • A unique “Time Out” program that provides parents and children a cooling off period and an opportunity to address problems calmly
  • An individualized approach to each youth
  • Instruction and encouragement in goal setting and strategies for personal development
  • Referrals for external services when appropriate, including medical, dental, legal, transitional living, etc.

There are no fees for Someplace Else Services.

To Contact The Shelter Or Refer a Youth

Shelter services for 10-17 year olds may be accessed by:

  • Crisis calls are accepted at this number 24 hrs/day. Calling (850) 576.6000 ext. 1. Anyone can refer a youth (parents, teachers, law enforcement, churches, etc.) or the youth may self-refer.
  • Faxing our Referral Form to our office at (850) 576.2580.
    NOTE: Please call if this is a referral for immediate shelter. Faxes will be reviewed during business hours.
  • Youth may come directly to the shelter, be transported to the shelter by friend or family, or go to a Safe Place site and inform the employee on duty that they would like to go somewhere safe. Shelter staff will be contacted, and will arrange for the youth to be picked up and brought to the shelter.