Capital City Youth Services' Board of Directors is comprised of volunteers from the community who are responsible for establishing policies, determining programs, guiding development, and providing leadership.

  • Alvin Anderson, Chairperson, Member since 1996, Tallahassee Police
  • John Kurowski, Vice Chair, Member since 1996, Morgan Stanley
  • Donna Shinholser Bergeron, Treasurer, Member since 2010, James D.A. Holley, & Co. Certified Public Accountants
  • Ray Kimball, Secretary, Member since 2005, Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association
  • Marva Williams Bates, Member since 2001, Pharmacist at Walgreen's
  • Inv. Scherri Bryant, Member since 2010, SHOCAP Program Coordinator
  • Marybeth W. Colón, Member since 2006, Attorney, Smith, Thompson, Shaw, & Manausa
  • Mrs. Clara Floyd-Gaymon, Member 2001-2008, 2010, Retired FAMU Professor
  • Judge Kathleen A. Kearney, Member since 2006, Clinical Professor & Research, Children & Family Research Center, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Vanessa De Rosa Lipsky, Esquire, Member since 2010, Attorney, Eraclides, Johns, Hall, Gelman, Johannessen & Goodman, LLP
  • Wayne Rubinas, Member since 2002, Attorney, Staff Director, The Florida Senate
  • Lt. Rory Robbins, Leon County Sheriff's Office
  • Charlie Strickland
  • Cindy Weier, ProBank
  • Elaine Bryant, Ph.D, EW Bryant & Associates
  • Pamela Ligon, Ph.D, US Department of Labor/Job Corps
  • Steve Inger, Ph.D, Member since 1993, Psychologist, Federal Bureau of Prisons (Retired).
  • Jim Rudnick, Member since 1993, Developer, Rudnick Development.
  • Lynda Russell, Member since 1996, Florida Education Association.
  • Nancy Wonder, PhD, Member since 2001, Psychologist