We are committed to helping families in the Big Bend area. When kids or their families have a problem, we are there to support, comfort, and empower our clients as they deal with life. We strive to understand a family's specific needs, develop a plan, and then use our knowledge of local resources to help get things back on track.

Capital City Youth Services offers counseling and outreach services to youth and their families, and emergency shelter services to youth in crisis. We serve youth and families throughout the Big Bend area of North Florida, including Leon, Gadsden, Wakulla, Franklin, Liberty, Jefferson, Madison and Taylor Counties. All services are free and confidential. All of our programs focus on reaching out and helping youth and families who have found themselves in situations beyond their control.

Among the services CCYS provides are CINS/FINS services, which are funded by the Department of Juvenile Justice through the Florida Network of Youth and Family Services. CINS stands for "Child In Need of Services" and FINS stands for "Family In Need of Services". These are interventions designed to address behaviors that put youth at risk for delinquency. Services are provided to every county in Florida by CCYS and similar agencies. Watch the video for more information about the important reasons these services exist and should be supported by the community.

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