Capital City Youth Services programs, which date back to 1975, began by providing for the basic needs of runaway and homeless youth, ages 10-17. Once established as a private, nonprofit agency, Capital City Youth Services (CCYS) has grown to include a continuum of services for runaway, homeless, truant, ungovernable, and other at-risk youth and their families.

Services offered include outreach and prevention in the community, short-term residential care, case management, counseling (individual, family and group), and aftercare.

Our success has been and will continue to be, measured by the level of satisfaction from the community and our clients, and the ongoing health of the families we serve.

CCYS is a private, non-profit corporation, funded in part by United Way of the Big Bend, the Department of Juvenile Justice, Florida Department of Child and Family Services, Department of Education, Department of Health and Human Services, Leon County, City of Tallahassee, and private donations. CCYS is a member of the Florida Network of Youth and Family Services, Southeastern Network of Youth and Family Services, and the National Network for Youth.

Our mission is to promote the healthy development of youth and families.


  • FAMILY: We are committed to keeping families together whenever possible and to strengthening family systems.
  • YOUTH DEVELOPMENT: We value young people as vital resources and partners in finding solutions to both personal and social problems. Therefore, we work to help cultivate youth's strengths and value their uniqueness.
  • RESPECT: We value all people and treat them with appreciation as we consider their needs.
  • RECOGNIZE INDIVIDUAL'S UNIQUE STRENGTHS: We recognize the diversity of human beings and appreciate the unique strengths, abilities, and contributions each person has to offer. We act in ways that reflect mutual respect and strive to overcome barriers to genuine human connectedness.
  • AFFILIATES: We recognize the importance of building collaborative partnerships with youth, families, staff, governmental agencies, public and private organizations, and businesses in our communities.
  • STANDARDS: We are dedicated to ensuring the highest standards of practice within our programs and our organization.
  • KNOWLEDGEABLE: We seek continuous improvement in our understanding, skills, and knowledge of client needs. We use this ever-growing awareness in our efforts to meet our client's needs. This commitment to seeking knowledge applies to each individual, as well as the agency as a whole.
  • FLEXIBLE: We adapt to meet the changing needs of the youth, families, and communities we serve.
  • INTEGRITY: We act in ways that are in harmony with our mission.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY & RESPONSIBILITY: We take seriously our responsibility for the health and well-being of those under our care.
  • COMPASSION: We demonstrate genuine caring for the youth, families, and communities we serve.
  • COURAGE: We exhibit both personal and organizational courage in our work - we take a stand and do the right thing for youth and families, even when it's difficult and/or unpopular.