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Our Team

“CCYS utilizes a trauma-informed approach to promote the healthy development of youth and families.”

Trauma-informed care means everyone on staff, from our youth care workers to our CEO is trained and understands that prior traumas and experiences affect youth and how they react to situations, other people, and circumstances. We focus on offering a continuum of care to our clients, not just a quick fix, and we strive to provide youth and families with options to best suit their needs. This would not be possible without our dedicated team of leaders.

Kevin Priest

President & CEO

Gina Dozier

Chief Operating Officer

Nancy Hillger

Chief Financial Officer

Jess Tharpe

Outreach & Development Director

Jason Ishley

Clinical Director-Non-Residential

Rachel Greene

Clinical Director-Residential

Patrick Minzie

Someplace Else Program Manager

Crystal Griffin

Transitional Living Program Manager

Rhone Francis

Stop Now and Plan (SNAP) Coordinator

Bintu Njie

Community Outreach Coordinator

Kristi Gentle

Human Resource Coordinator